Sleeping in Poynter is a political solo puppetry show appropriate for all audiences. It started as a dissertation for Leoni's European Theatre Arts university degree and was presented for the first time in May 2018 with great success. 

Sleeping in Poynter raises awareness about homelessness, it educates through the display of statistics and facts. It can not offer a solution but it stimulates thoughts about ways to deal with it.

The show focuses on presenting the stories of relatable individuals. Text and content are inspired by news stories, law articles and more. It offers a different perspective and better understanding of how anyone might end up, get stuck and survive in his unfortunate situation. 


But Sleeping in Poynter also deals with the other side, the one Leoni herself experiences. Never having been homeless but being emotionally affected by their situation. It shares feeling shocked and helpless, motivated but not sure how to make a difference. It aims to bring people closer, remove the guilt one might feel for not having done anything yet and assures that small actions can make a big difference.


A big element of the show is puppetry. Quirky puppets built around body parts impersonate the characters. The impracticality and strange emotional expression of these puppets lead to many comedic moments. The clever double-use of props in different stories inspires awe.

The show has sparked the interest of Planet B Productions and will be developed and produced in collaboration with them. Planet B Productions create beautiful, engaging political pieces that deal with various issues.