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I'm currently drawn to female-driven narratives, which also demonstrate political, social and technological progress, simply because I don't see them often enough. I'm not so much interested in an all too obvious theme or agenda. I believe in "show, don't tell". The most convincing argument is existence. We work to create something, then no one can deny it.


I value initiative and collaboration. Together we have much more experience to draw from, in order to refine our ideas. I trained in ensemble theatre and on every project we work as an ensemble. No person is more important that any other even though their job might be to have the final say. 


I love meeting other creatives, no matter what part of the industry they're interested in. I regularly meet with writers, actors and producers. I love hearing about their projects and helping them get eyes on their work, bums on seats or the contacts they need. We are building a network of supportive, genuine gems in the arts. Do you want to join my network?

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The Heterosexual Pleasure Gap - a short film, 2022

A sexual dilemma.


Written by Leoni Amandin

Produced by Leoni Amandin and Julia Shevelova

Cinematography by Leoni Amandin

Make up by Pauline Montgarny and Shivika Tiwari

Production Assistance by Pooja Sharma

Artwork by Paula Rivas Rodriguez

Performance by Miranda Colmans, Fiona Gentschenfelde, Katie Penn, Carole Pluckrose, Sangeetha Veluru, Jessy Tsai

Special thanks to Boathouse Creative Studios

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Only A Wee Away
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Only A Wee Away - a short film, 2022

A bathroom dilemma.


Written by Lucy Barton

Produced by Leoni Amandin

Directed by Leoni Amandin

Cinematography by Nikola Auterska

Performance by Eve Burns and Sarah Kelly

Production Assistance by Sangeetha Veluru

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Wooden Creatures - a short film with Charles Hlangabeza, 2022

A friendly reunion turns out to be something completely different.

Written by Gabriel Bowker and Charles Hlangabeza

Produced by Leoni Amandin

Directed by Charles Hlangabeza

Cinematography by Nikole Turrell

Sound by Mihai Pirogov

Special effects by Leon Clements Beall

Performancy by Leoni Amandin and Gabriel Bowker

Wooden Creatures
Happy Deathday

Happy Deathday - a solo show, 2021

We are celebrating our mortality, making sure we make the most of life.

Devised and performed by Leoni Amandin.

After show discussions with celebrant Carole Pluckrose and death doula Sabrina Singh.


Next live performances: 

Brighton Fringe May 2022, venue, dates and times to be announced soon!

Dao Hides, No Name
Dao Hides No Name Poster.jpg

Dao Hides, No Name - AWARD WINNING short film with Xan Gilmour, 2021

Daryl steals an ancient book from the Royal Asiatic Society. Reading it propels her towards Transcendence - and attracts the attention of gods and demons.

Written and directed by Xan Gilmour

Produced by Leoni Amandin

Cinematography by Cameron Pulham

Assistant Camera James Dougan

Costume Design by Tamsin Robinson

Make Up by Adelina Miller

Animation by Amelia Watson

Sound Recording by Tomas Spacil

Sound Engineering by Melissa Lamerton

Music by Lohrd Snow

Casting Assistant Amanda Murphy

Performance by Ning Lu, Tomi Ogbaro, Ling Whye Hang, Jason Zhen Li, Poppy Thalia, Xan Gilmour

Special thanks to Winslow Opera Hall


Trasho'philia - a short film with Donald Craigie, 2022


A mime, an innocent being born to entertain, seemingly living off thin air, a consumer only of invisible goods suddenly has access to real things, real food, real accessories and gadgets. She has such terrible fun she doesn’t even realise how the pile of waste around her grows and grows.

Written and produced by Leoni Amandin

Co-produced by Will Elliott

Directed by Donald Craigie

Cinematography by Thom Seaman

Production Assistant Paul Roman

Special thanks to Alex K Rojas

No Guide To Grief
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NO GUIDE TO GRIEF - a zine, 2019


NO GUIDE TO GRIEF is a collection of sixteen grieving poems by sixteen inspiring poets. There is no one proper way of grieving and it can not be learned. Every relationship, every loss is expressed in its own unique way. We open up in the hope that this publication can help others through their grief journey and make them feel less alone. We are all feeling it too and with this zine we are honouring the people we loved the most.

Thank you for your support, it means the world to us! The poets published in this edition are Leoni Amandin, Tyffany Choi, Ross Edward, Caitríona Fitzsimons, Jenn Hepton, Debra Hill, Rosie Horler, Maya Janjic, The Lantern Carrier, Eliska van Lelyveld, Michelle Mangal, Tempe Nell, Camila de la Parra, Cassandra Soto, Christopher Sturdy and J.W.T. Woodford.

Illustrated by Kaitlyn Jemma Pocock.