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Recent projects

"The only natural talent a creative has is the desire to create." said someone someonce. Few things are truer than this. All the projects you can read about below were produced or at least co-produced by me.

12 Promotional Film

Sleepwear To Make Them Stare

A photo and video shoot for colourful slow-fashion brand Charles William Alexander produced and co-directed by me. It was such a pleasure working with some fabulous creatives, shooting with a vintage Land Rover as well as a vintage Routemaster.


Photograph by David Shepherd


11 Short Film

Baby You Can Always Come Home

This bittersweet story about emigration by the inspiring Australian director Hannah Dougherty was produced by the fantastic Maxim Gertler-Jaffe and shot by the very talented Alex Ditsas.

10 Theatre

The Really Useless Group

Click on the image to find out what we've been working on!

A musical sketch comedy collective, writing original songs about current affairs. In 2023 we are appearing at various festivals before touring the show. Current members are Rebeka Dio, Sinead Hegarty and myself.

Read our latest review here.


Photograph by Julien Short


09 Short Film


A mime, an innocent being born to entertain, seemingly living off thin air, a consumer only of invisible goods suddenly has access to real things. She has such terrible fun she doesn’t realise how the pile of waste around her grows and grows. Written and produced by me, directed by the delightful Donald Craigie.

Photograph by Will Elliott

08 Short Film

Only A Wee Away

A short film I directed with stunning cinematography by Nikola Auterska, and brilliant performances by Sarah Kelly and Eve Burns. 

Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 12.28.40.png

Photograph by Ross Kernahan

07 Theatre

Memento Mori Bitches!

A genuine exploration of "It doesn't matter, one day I'll be dead. Or does it?" will lead us to hilarious deathly shower thoughts, as well as the simple biology versus the complex poetry of death. Let's look at diverse rituals from cultures all over the world, the sustainability and transparency developments of the funeral industry, and the history that got us where we are!

06 Short Film

Dao Hides, No Name

A brilliant short film I produced, directed by Xan Gilmour. Daryl steals an ancient book from the Royal Asiatic Society. Reading it propels her towards Transcendence - and attracts the attention of gods and demons.

DAO HIDES-45.jpg

Check out our film!

Photograph by James Dougan

Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 18.26_edited.jpg

05 Video Poem

The Heterosexual Pleasure Gap

A video poem about a sexual affair, written by me, produced by Julia Shevelova and myself.

04 Zine


A collection of sixteen grieving poems by sixteen inspiring poets. Every relationship, every loss is expressed in its own unique way. With this zine we are honouring the people we loved the most and we hope that this publication can help others on their grieving journey too.


03 Short Film

Wooden Creatures

A short film directed by Charles Hlangabeza, cinematography by Nikole Turrell, special effects make up by Leon Clements Beall.

02 Theatre

Sleeping In Poynter

Sleeping In Poynter is a powerful puppetry and storytelling solo, using political theatre techniques to entertain and educate.

(c) Michael O'Reilly

Photograph by Michael O'Reilly

(c) Michael O'Reilly

Photograph by Michael O'Reilly

01 Theatre

Come To Daddy

‘Come To Daddy’ is a live-art mash up of family history, art history and a show about the long, long journey to the here-and-now. This fever-dream journey through the 20th century is inspired by the work of Tadeusz Kantor and other icons that have led us to where we are today. It is a reflection upon all of the moments that have delivered us to this exact point in time. From the first kisses and awkward goodbyes to the self-portraits of Van Gogh and creations of Dali to the first world war and the atom bomb, all of it will be staged and swept away again. It will all be done. It will all be remembered. Space will be made for all of it.

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